Pantene Launches “Not Sorry” Video for Strong Women

Pantene “Not Sorry” Video
Pantene “Not Sorry” Video

Today, Pantene (NYSE: PG) evolves its global Shine Strong campaign with the launch of the global Shine Strong Fund and a new video that tackles a common behavior many women engage in everyday: over-apologizing.

Pantene’s latest video titled “Not Sorry” is designed to spark a dialogue about how women unknowingly minimize their strength with the subtle, yet powerful behavior of unnecessarily saying ‘sorry,’ when there is no reason to apologize.

“Pantene is committed to helping women across the globe be strong and shine both inside and out,” said Colleen Jay, President, P&G Global Hair Care & Color.

“We believe the message of the “Not Sorry” video will resonate with women, encouraging them to be more aware of this diminishing behavior and, in turn, prevent any bias they may be unconsciously creating.”

Here are more details about the Shine Strong campaign.

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