Pepsi Unveils New Social TV Platform

Pepsi unveiled Wednesday two new proprietary digital platforms, Pepsi Sound Off and Pepsi Pulse. Both platforms will initially focus on FOX’s THE X FACTOR and will drive social engagement around other Pepsi entertainment properties in the future.

Pepsi Pulse is a real-time digital visualization of the conversations taking place on the social web around key Pepsi entertainment properties such as THE X FACTOR. 

The platform shapes the volume of social data into a visual storyline and gives consumers a forum to follow the “pulse” of a certain topic or individual in real-time.

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Whether Pepsi Pulse is aggregating comments about the judges of THE X FACTOR or certain moving performances, consumers will collectively see a visual story about what’s hot on the social web right now.

Pepsi Sound Off allows THE X FACTOR fans to connect with each other and incorporates gaming mechanics to enhance the social TV experience.

Meanwhile, Motorola Mobility says it is placing greater control into consumers’ hands to personalize their TV viewing across multiple devices anywhere in the home with the launch of its Medios Xperience platform. 

As part of the Medios multi-screen service management software suite, the cloud-based applications platform allows service providers to merge video content with social networking, games and web-based content and delivers greater interaction capabilities with broadcast television and video-on-demand (VOD) services. (Read: Motorola Cloud Platform to Create Social TV)

Earlier, Pepsi decided to unveil a new television spot titled, “Music Icons” to capture the essence of Pepsi and THE X FACTOR’s search for the next pop music star. (Read: Pepsi TV Ad Searching for the Next Pop Music Star)

Moreover, the company has introduced its Social Vending System, a networked unit that features full touch screen interactive vending technology. It enables consumers to better connect with PepsiCo brands right at the point of purchase. (Read: How to Get Connected with Social Pepsi)

“We live in a world where people naturally watch a TV show and engage on-line about it – in real time. Pepsi Sound Off is a unique application that allows fans to do just that in an immersive, addictive and social fashion, which not only builds loyalty for a TV show but also deepens Pepsi’s credentials as an active participant in pop culture while dialing-up the entertainment for fans,” said Shiv Singh, global head of Digital, PepsiCo Beverages. 

Users log-on to Sound Off using their existing Facebook or Twitter accounts and have the option to communicate solely on Sound Off or share their thoughts on other social media platforms.

As users contribute their comments about the show, they can have their comments “fanned” by other users. Having the most “fans” will earn four users a place in the “Spotlight” and the reward of having their comment and profile featured on-air in a Pepsi advertisement during the broadcast.

The more someone interacts with the site, the higher their rank will be eventually earning “ambassador” status within the platform.

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