Rosify Yourself on Facebook with Ad Council

This February 18th marks The Advertising Council’s seventieth anniversary. To commemorate this anniversary, the Ad Council has launched a new Facebook app: Rosify Yourself.

Using the app, fans of the Ad Council can insert a face photo into the “Rosie the Riveter” ad thus becoming riveters for social change. It was announced today, Feb. 13.

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Originally founded after the attacks on Pearl Harbor as The War Advertising Council, the organization was initially tasked with rallying support for World War II.

Following the success of those efforts, President Franklin Roosevelt asked the Ad Council to continue its work as a peacetime public service organization addressing the social issues of the day.

President Truman echoed that request when the war ended, and ever since, the Ad Council has been creating public service ads, many of which have become part of the American vernacular, it says.

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“For seventy years, the Ad Council has been leveraging the generosity of the advertising community, inspiring generations of Americans to take action to improve their lives, those of their families and the communities around them. This is worth celebrating,” said Andrew Robertson, president and CEO of BBDO Worldwide and Ad Council Board Chair.

The Ad Council helps drive change on the significant social issues of the day by creating collaborations between sponsor organizations, the nation’s top ad agencies and media partners.

The public service advertisements (PSAs) are created pro bono by partner ad agencies and the Ad Council’s integrated marketing strategy covers the gamut from television and radio to social media.

Media partners donate over $1.4 billion per year of advertising space to Ad Council campaigns, establishing the organization among the top ten advertisers in the country.

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