Russia Connection: Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Resigns

President Donald Trump. Photo: White House
President Donald Trump. Photo: White House

In a major jolt to the Trump Administration, the recently appointed National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned from his post late on Monday.

His resignation has come amid growing controversies of Trump’s and Flynn’s secret ties with Russia, which is considered an enemy country by the U.S.

It is said that Flynn had intimate conversations with top Russian officials before Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of America on January 20.

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His talks with Russians are believed to be focused on the sanctions that President Obama had imposed on Russia in retaliation to alleged Russian interference in the Presidential election that Trump won.

In his resignation letter, Flynn has admitted that he had inadvertently briefed the Vice President Elect and others with incomplete information regarding his phone calls with the Russian Ambassador during Trump’s transition period.

However, he has still not revealed the exact nature of his talks with the Russian diplomat.

Meanwhile, according to a White House statement, Trump has accepted Flynn’s resignation and appointed Lt. General Joseph Keith Kellogg, Jr. as the acting National Security Advisor.

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