Santa’s Sleigh in Honda’s Holiday Campaign

Automaker Honda has launched a holiday video highlighting the company’s safety and driver assistive technologies.

The two-minute animated video imagines a safer sleigh for Santa powered by Honda’s advanced technologies like Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning and a rearview camera assuring Santa a safe and timely arrival as the children of the world eagerly await their Christmas presents.

The holiday Honda video opens with a worrisome Santa having a nightmare about his old, unstable sleigh with millions of miles logged unable to reach all of the world’s children in time for Christmas.

With suggestions, plans and drawings for a new, safer sled from children around the globe, Santa flies to the Honda factory where engineers work vigorously to create the ultimate sleigh.

Using Honda’s safety know-how and expertise, Santa’s new ride now features Forward Collision Warning, a camera-mounted system that alerts the driver if a collision is eminent, and Lane Departure Warning, which signals the driver should the car deviate from their lane.

The video, created by advertising agency RPA, is available for viewing and sharing through Honda’s social media channels.

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