Sexy Bellperre Phones for the Fashionable Few

Luxury mobile phones player Bellperre has unveiled an ultra slim luxury phone, accompanied by a customization program.

The company believes that its price level meets a sincerely wider audience compared to current luxury phone brand offerings. The phone is affordable, understated luxury inspired by Italian design, it says.

The Bellperre luxury phone, according to the company, is defined by its distinctive elegant lines, timeless European design and the finest authentic materials. The frame is precision crafted out of one single piece of metal. This phone has a perfect grip, experienced by a one-of-a-kind notch carved all around the sleek metal frame.

The steel buttons are subtly shaped in line with the main design. The glass window is made of sapphire crystal, famous for its scratch resistance, which size is unknown for luxury watch manufacturers.

The leather and frame are finished by hard protective coatings against the most critical circumstances.

The unique bespoke service assures a design for every taste and lifestyle, male or female. The solid metal frame and steel buttons are available in pure authentic finishings like brushed steel, polished silver, 18K rose gold and 24K yellow gold finish.

The leather collection, says the company, represents the highest possible grade and contains 125 genuine leather options. You can select modest classic leathers like black buffalo or brown lizard, or choose vibrant colors and textures like pink crocodile or red shark for a more striking look.

From today this collection is extended by genuine ostrich leather in a wide set of 14 vibrant colors. Ostrich leather is known for its durability and its finest texture.

This phone has up-to-date specifications (like 5 megapixel flash camera, GPS, quad-band), supports 80 languages and also offers Russian, Arabic and Chinese keypad versions.

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