Slippery When Wet: What Makes Sex Amazing Instead of So-So

Dr. Joanna Ellington (Dr. E) takes an afternoon break with her horse LeDoux.
Dr. Joanna Ellington (Dr. E) takes an afternoon break with her horse LeDoux.

Slippery When Wet: One Woman’s Journey Through the Mystery of Sex was released today (October 3, 2014) on Amazon Kindle with print versions to follow later this month.

A mix of cutting edge insight from the science of sex and candid life stories from reproductive physiologist and author Dr. Joanna Ellington (“Dr. E”), this book helps readers find their own sensual self-awareness and more satisfying sexual intimacy.

Sex impacts everyone every day. But many are hesitant to talk about what is really going on in their sex lives, especially during those times when they feel unsure or out of sync with their lover.

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Dr. E chronicles the stages of sexual discovery from puberty to mature adulthood. Candid and sincere, she can help readers feel at ease with themselves, as well as understand better how to find the fulfillment they deserve.

Dr. Joanna Ellington
Dr. Joanna Ellington

Slippery When Wet takes on the controversial topics of today. What is the best way to talk to teens about sex? Dr. E explains, “More information about the things that will one-day help teens have an exciting, fulfilling sex life actually delays their first intercourse.”

Is it weird to masturbate if happily married? Slippery When Wet presents recent data showing that most Americans masturbate, even if they are married. It only becomes a problem if “masturbation becomes a replacement for sex with a partner, because it is easier and less hassle than initiating or having sex.”

If sexual desire fades can it be found again? Dr. E shows how to consciously track if anything, anywhere, is a turn on as a first step to improving intimacy again.

Dr. E tackles these tough questions with the unique perspective of her specialty in andrology (the study of sexuality in men) and summarizes the latest science on sex, reproduction and intimacy at her website

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