Stonyfield Kicks Off Know Your Food Campaign

This year, Stonyfield is making it easier to get to know more about the food we eat. The world’s leading organic yogurt maker is launching a year-long Know Your Food campaign aimed at helping people get to know more about the foods in their refrigerators, freezers and pantries.

At a time when the origins and ingredients of what we eat are becoming increasingly hard to decipher, Stonyfield is offering tools and resources to help empower people to make the best food choices for themselves and their families.

The Stonyfield Know Your Food campaign kicks off with a new website, where people can learn about the farm-to-fridge journey and why what we eat matters. 

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The site will feature a frequently changing roster of food, agriculture and health experts offering insights into how food is produced, what’s really in the things we eat, and how all of this impacts our bodies, our communities and our planet. The site also showcases a selection of short mini-documentaries for people to watch and share with friends and family.

To celebrate the launch of the Stonyfield Know Your Food campaign, people are invited to log on to and enter a photo of their refrigerator for a chance to win a Know Your Food Adventure including four nights at a bed and breakfast in Vermont, complete with organic breakfasts, real-life farm experience, and an abundance of information about organic farming.

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The winner will also get a fridge makeover, including a consultation with a nutritionist, a year’s worth of free Stonyfield Organic products and a $500 shopping trip to stock the fridge and pantry with healthy food.

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Rakesh Raman