Teachers Speak Out in New P&G Survey

A recent survey of the teachers by P&G’s Bounty Paper Towels and Puffs Facial Tissues revealed that one of the secrets to creating an ideal classroom rests in cleaning up all messes, from spills to runny noses.

In partnership with Wakefield Research, the paper towel and tissue brands uncovered that 85 percent of surveyed teachers believe it takes less than an hour for their students to make a mess of their classroom – and keeping up with the mess is directly affecting their curriculum.

With back to school season just around the corner, Bounty and Puffs brands set out to uncover the dirt on classrooms.

A clean and healthy learning environment is an essential factor in the success of a school year. But, keeping a mess-free classroom can be costly. The majority (66%) of grade school teachers surveyed report they have avoided in-class projects or activities because of the mess they make – and not just once.

On average, according to the survey, K-6 teachers go through 37 boxes of tissues each school year – about a box a week – and 24 rolls of paper towels during the school year.

And 56% of K-6 teachers feel back-to-school season is the most dangerous time of year for their own immune systems. With the strength and softness of Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong, teachers can help protect themselves – and their classroom – from cold and flu germs one sneeze at a time, suggests P&G.

A majority of K-6 teachers (89%) feel cleaning their classroom competes with other classroom activities. With Bounty’s “trap and lock technology,” teachers can rest assured knowing that one sheet is absorbent enough to tackle big spills and allow them to spend less time stressing over classroom messes.

And 48% of K-6 teachers anticipate spending more of their own money for school supplies in 2013-2014 than they did last year.

The Bounty & Puffs Teacher Survey was conducted by Wakefield Research between June 21, 2013 and June 28, 2013. For this research, 1,001 telephone interviews were fielded among American elementary school teachers. The survey results were released Wednesday, August 14.

In the picture above: Bounty and Puffs reveal the messes and germs lurking behind in an elementary school classroom after just one hour without paper towels and tissues! (Photo: P&G/Gary He)

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