The Snow Princess Now in Australia Film Festival

Audrey Genevieve Holland’s stop-motion animation short “The Snow Princess” will be screening again in Australia this week, this time in Perth as part of the 2010 Revelation Perth International Film Festival.

“I’m so excited to be screening in Australia again,” says Holland. “I’m grateful that this film has been so well received.”

Holland is currently in Los Angeles, working on her next stop-motion project, “Ticket to Hell.”

Her debut film “The Snow Princess” has played in over 25 film festivals worldwide, including Cannes Short Film Corner, L.A. Shorts Fest, and Fantastic Planet: Sydney Science Fiction & Fantasy Film Festival.

“The Snow Princess” is a stop-motion animated tale. It is the story of young snow princess Gwyneira, who has spent an eternity dreaming of life in the World of Spring.

The film is available to stream at,

The 2010 Revelation Perth International Film Festival will screen “The Snow Princess” at 3 pm on Saturday, July 17, 2010.

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