Tourneau Springs Forward for Daylight Saving Time

Starting today, March 9, 2012, Tourneau, the world’s leading retailer of fine timepieces, will begin the task of shifting forward its expansive inventory of watches in accordance with Daylight Saving Time.

Spread over 35 stores across the country, over 1,000 Tourneau watch technicians will begin the monumental process of changing hundreds of thousands of timepieces from the 111 brands the stores carry: a process that will take two full days to complete.

At the brand’s flagship store, located on Manhattan’s famed 57th Street, watch technicians will begin changing the 8,000+ watches in their inventory today, and will complete the process by the time doors open on Sunday, March 11th – the date Daylight Saving Time officially begins.

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Tourneau chief marketing officer, Susy Korb, explains: “Technicians on Friday, March 9th commence the exhilarating process of time change for Tourneau stores nationwide. Imagine, most people have one watch to change or a few clocks in their homes, but Tourneau has hundreds of thousands of watches to wind forward. The energy at Tourneau retail locations across the country is high as we anticipate this remarkable bi-annual event.”

Tourneau has been doing this exhaustive time change twice a year, every year, since Daylight Saving Time was created in 1784. Historically, clocks spring forward in the Spring from 1:59a.m. to 3:00a.m. in efforts to minimize the disruption to peoples schedules.

Many are at home during this hour, fewer flights are departing and trains are running, and it’s early enough that the entire continental United States adjusts time by daybreak.

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A study, by the U.S. Law Enforcement Assistance Administration found that crime is consistently less during periods of Daylight Saving than during comparable standard time periods, says Tourneau.

Additionally, studies done by the U.S. Department of Transportation in 1975 showed that Daylight Saving Time trims the entire country’s electricity usage by one percent each day because less electricity is used for lighting and appliances.

Established in 1900, Tourneau is a leading retailer of luxury watches in the United States, offering more than 100 world-famous brands, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Omega, Breitling and Tag Heuer in more than 8,000 unique styles. The company’s thirty plus stores also sell Certified Pre-Owned timepieces and watches under the Tourneau brand name.

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