Troy Polamalu Gets $1 Million Insurance for Hair

The P&G brand Head & Shoulders says it is taking out a $1 million insurance policy on Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu’s trademark hair.

As a second year spokesperson for the brand, Head & Shoulders says it recognizes the value of Troy’s extremely full and thick Samoan locks. So together with Watkins Syndicate at Lloyd’s of London, a leading insurance agency, it has created the first ever insurance policy to protect his iconic mane for the entire NFL season.

“Head & Shoulders has gone above and beyond this year by insuring my Samoan locks for a cool $1 million. This reinforces that my full and thick hair is unstoppable,” says Troy Polamalu.

“In developing this unique policy, we recognize that Troy Polamalu’s famed head of hair is truly legendary and we are proud to partner with Head & Shoulders to protect it,” says Jonathan Thomas of Watkins Syndicate at Lloyd’s of London.

Troy’s hair is so renowned and ridiculously full and thick that he has not cut it in over seven years. With that hair fact and now an insurance policy, Troy and Head & Shoulders can truly claim that his hair has it all, including its very own website,

This is an interactive experience where fans can win outrageously cool NFL prizes including a Super Bowl XLV VIP package all while learning about Troy’s secret weapon, Head & Shoulders Hair Endurance for Men.

“Hair Endurance for Men cleans Troy’s scalp and hair to keep it looking full and thick despite the beating his hair takes on and off the field,” says April Anslinger, brand manager of Head & Shoulders at Procter and Gamble (P&G).

“We are proud to insure his hair knowing that Head & Shoulders is the essential part of the daily grooming regime that makes his hair so recognizable.”

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