Unofficial 51-Star American Flag Shows Puerto Rico as a US State

Unofficial 51-Star American Flag Shows Puerto Rico as a US State

Unofficial 51-Star American Flag Shows Puerto Rico as a US State

At the request of customers from Puerto Rico, Online Stores says it has produced the first commercially available 51-star American flag.

It symbolizes the possible conversion of Puerto Rico from a US Territory into US state. Social media followers of the US Flag Store, the flag division of Online Stores, offered their thanks and support when the flag was announced, says Online Stores.

American made of weather-resistant nylon in the popular 3′x5′ size, the flag retails for $23.95 and is available for purchase online at the using this direct link. The flag is of course not an official US flag yet as it has not been adopted by Congress.

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Earlier this year, Puerto Rico took a step towards being the 51st state with the introduction of the Puerto Rico Status Resolution Act into the Senate. This bill requires a binding referendum to be held in Puerto Rico asking whether the territory wants to be admitted as a state.

Puerto Rico is a self-governing commonwealth in association with the United States, that recognizes the United States President as authority. The US controls their currency, military, law, postal system, and Social Security.

Online Stores, Inc. is a privately held American e-commerce business based in New Stanton, PA.

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