Vaginal Care: How to Keep Your Vagina Clean and Healthy

Vaginal Care: How to Keep Your Vagina Clean and Healthy
Vaginal Care: How to Keep Your Vagina Clean and Healthy

Personal health care products company Amazing Solutions has introduced Creme de la Femme, an oil-based, chemical-free vaginal lubricant and moisturizer that’s stated to be safe for any woman.

Once a niche market for postmenopausal women, according to the company, the usage of personal lubricants by women of all ages has spiked in the last decade.

As a combination moisturizer and personal lubricant, Creme de la Femme has been designed to be gentle and safe. The oil-based compound contains only natural, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, including mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin and ceresin, says the company.

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It does not contain dyes, fragrances, alcohols or sugars, making it appropriate for daily use as a moisturizer or to enhance intimacy, or both, according to the company. Each tube comes with a convenient internal applicator.

Today, the feminine personal care market is flush with lubricants that fail to protect against irritation and other side effects. For instance, many vaginal lubricants contain glycerin, a sugar byproduct, as a key component.

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This ingredient provides both lubrication and lasting moisture, but at a cost: for women with diabetes and other blood sugar abnormalities, glycerin can lead to vaginal irritation or worse, bladder infection. Glycerin also offers a ready-made meal for yeast spores, so women prone to yeast infections should steer clear.

Personal lubricants containing alcohol and/or propylene glycol are likewise best avoided. Alcohol has a drying effect, which is the last thing most users would want. Propylene glycol, often used as a preservative, is also known to be highly irritating to delicate tissue.

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Discussing sexual health with a doctor can be intimidating, but Amazing Solutions recommends that women always consult with their physician when choosing a vaginal lubricant or moisturizer so as to be aware of possible allergies or complications.

Vaginal Care: How to Keep Your Vagina Clean and Healthy
Vaginal Care: How to Keep Your Vagina Clean and Healthy

Unlike its chemical-addled competitors, Creme de la Femme frees women from worrying about what their personal lubricant might be doing to their bodies. The lubricant leaves no weird residue behind; it’s not runny or cold like many similar products. Most importantly, developed by a woman doctor, Creme de la Femme carries no risk of infection or irritation, says the company.

Amazing Solutions is the online shopping site of Premiere Enterprises, a California-based manufacturer and distributor of all-natural, environmentally friendly personal health care products.

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