Water Wells to Serve Children in India

In India, building tube wells is a good method to provide clean water to communities. A tube well is a type of water well in which a long 5 – 8 inch pipe is bored into the water table. 

The lower end is fitted with a strainer, and a pump at the top lifts water to fill a concrete reservoir to facilitate bathing or washing. The wells are then used as a community water source for families lacking running water.

Black & Veatch, a global engineering, consulting and construction company, is providing clean, safe drinking water to impoverished children and their families supported by Children International, a U.S.-based humanitarian organization, by funding construction of water wells in India.

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The company’s Building a World of Difference Foundation funded the construction of four tube wells near Kolkata, India where approximately 300 families and 250 children attending a nearby school are benefiting from new sources of water. 

“Each of these wells will provide clean drinking water to families who would otherwise not have it. This is a very tangible way that Black & Veatch helps make a difference in the world,” said Dean Oskvig, president and CEO of Black & Veatch’s global energy business. Oskvig also serves as the chairman of Children International’s Board of Directors.

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Many of the children and families who will benefit from the tube wells live on less than $1.25 a day, in greatly under-developed, poverty stricken areas.

Children International provides children around the world with medical and dental care, educational support and critical life-skills which help them become healthy, self-reliant adults.

Children International president and CEO Jim Cook said, “We are grateful to Black & Veatch for its generosity. It truly is building a world of difference in the lives of hundreds of children living in poverty in India.”

Children International made the announcement Thursday, Sept. 29.

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Rakesh Raman