15 Laws of Global Terrorism Revealed

Global Terrorism
Global Terrorism

15 Laws of Global Terrorism Revealed

By Rakesh Raman

The release of these “15 Laws of Global Terrorism” in August 2016 is supposed to be the first major attempt to understand a complex phenomenon after Newton’s three laws of motion compiled by English physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton in 1687.

Newton’s laws of motion reveal the relationship between a body and the forces acting upon it, and its motion in response to those forces.

Similarly, the terrorism laws that I have compiled reveal the relationship between the global political forces and the human bodies labeled as terrorists, and their motion in response to those forces.

Here are the 15 Laws of Global Terrorism:

1. While there is no specific definition of terrorism, it is only a form of political system clandestinely run by professional politicians of the world.

2. Terrorists are not aliens from another planet, but they are perfect human beings like you and me.

3. These human beings have no other option but to react violently when they are not able to bear the state atrocities. Remember John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) of the movie First Blood?

4. Even God will attack others if God’s sister or mother is raped, or his house is burnt, or he is implicated in a false case by the state authorities. Then why do you blame humans who face such excesses?

5. Behind every terrorist attack, there is a slew of clean-looking politicians and state politics.

6. Politicians are terrorists because they are greedy and corrupt people while normal human beings become terrorists to avenge the torture committed on them by security forces and politicians.

7. Terrorists will never attack innocent people if they could target their real enemies – politicians – who are always protected by security covers. Since terrorists cannot penetrate those security covers, they take their anger out on innocent civilians.

8. Terrorism is a direct result of growing human inequality, illiteracy, joblessness, and injustice for which the governments in affected countries are responsible.

9. One head of the state – such as President or Prime Minister – orders to kill more innocent people than all the terrorists of the world put together.

10. The biggest beneficiaries of terrorism are the government security forces, local police, and politicians who create a false fear among the people and earmark huge budgets to combat the artificially created terrorism threat. This is nothing but corruption.

11. In troubled areas, government security forces enjoy right to rape, right to loot, and right to kill innocent people. As politicians are corrupt – and thus weak – they do not have guts to challenge the wrongdoings of security personnel.

12. Politicians, in connivance with corrupt media people, keep giving false excuses for the continuation of terrorism. Ordinary citizens have no means to know the truth.

13. Terrorism will continue to persist so long as the rich-poor divide exists in the world. Human equality is the only answer to the inevitable phenomenon called terrorism.

14. State terrorism mostly thrives under the garb of a democratic political system. That’s why most democratic countries are affected by terrorism.

15. Corrupt politicians of the world and incompetent UN officials shed crocodile tears and use Twitter like a toy to express their false grief on terrorism. They don’t want to stop killings and keep waiting for the next attack to happen.

Political scientists, social activists, and researchers around the world are invited to use these laws of global terrorism to further study and analyze different aspects of terrorism.

By Rakesh Raman, who is a government award-winning journalist and social scientist. You also can visit the Global Terrorism Information Center that he manages.

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