Americans Worried About China and National Debt

As the U.S. continues to be buried deeper under more than $1 trillion of new debt every year, Americans must be worried about their future which is nothing but dark. So, they’re.

In a new poll when Americans were asked to rank the greatest threats to the national security of the United States, 59% placed the national debt as the topmost threat.

Generation Opportunity, a non-profit, non-partisan organization in the United States engaging and mobilizing young Americans (ages 18-29) on the important economic issues facing the nation, released new polling data today, Oct. 22, as the 2012 American presidential election nears.

“Young American adults are very concerned about the United States’ ability to maintain its role as a global leader in the future if it continues on the same path as the last several years,” said Paul T. Conway, president of Generation Opportunity and former Chief of Staff of the United States Department of Labor under Secretary Elaine L. Chao.

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“Young Americans refuse to settle for an American future defined by chronic joblessness, increased national debt, and a diminished role on the world stage. They believe President Obama should lower taxes and regulations on American businesses so that they compete effectively and to avoid American jobs from going overseas to countries like China. They overwhelmingly agree that current policies are taking us backward, not forward, and plan to make their voices heard in the upcoming presidential election,” added Conway.

Young Americans on American Global Leadership and Current Direction

  • 55% of young Americans are not confident that America will still be a global leader in five years if the USA continues along the same path as the last few years.
  • Only 36% of young Americans agree with the statement “generally speaking, things in the United States are heading in the right direction.”

When asked to rank the greatest threats to the national security of the United States, young Americans listed the following reasons:

  • 59% – The national debt;
  • 46% – Energy dependence;
  • 43% – Indebtedness to foreign nations;
  • 40% – Terrorism;
  • 33% – Nuclear capable nations like Iran;
  • 3% – Other;
  • 7% – Do not know/cannot judge

62% of young Americans would increase production of domestic American energy sources like oil, natural gas, and coal if given the opportunity to set America’s fiscal priorities.

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Young Americans on China as a Competitor and Threat

  • 71% of young Americans are concerned that so many American jobs are going to foreign competitors like China.
  • 72% of young Americans agree that with more and more companies leaving the USA in favor of locating their business in places like China and even Canada, President Obama should lower the taxes on American businesses to restore and expand jobs in America.

When asked why they thought American jobs are going to foreign competitors like China, young Americans indicated the following reasons:

  • 69% – Cheaper wages overseas;
  • 41% – High taxes on businesses in the U.S.;
  • 30% – Too much regulation on businesses in the U.S.;
  • 28% – Lack of opportunities to start and grow businesses in the U.S.;
  • 2% – I do not think U.S. jobs are going overseas;
  • 6% – Do not know/cannot judge

In the poll, 76% of Millennials view China as a danger: 48% as an economic threat and 28% as both an economic and military threat (the polling company, inc./WomanTrend, April 16 – 22, 2011).

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For Generation Opportunity, the polling company, inc./WomanTrend conducted a nationwide online survey of 1,003 American adults ages 18-29 between July 27 and July 31, 2012. Randomly selected online opt-in panel participants were sent an invitation to the survey via email which included a secure link to the online questionnaire. Poll results were announced today, Oct. 22.

RMN News Service comments: You need not be a rocket scientist to understand that with $16 trillion debt (which is mounting fast), both of the Presidential candidates put together can’t create new jobs. Joblessness in the U.S. will continue to increase. Trade and fiscal deficits will keep multiplying. And these politicians will keep hoodwinking the innocent people. Americans need to wake up.

How? Don’t trust any of the politicians and their speeches at the ongoing debates. These speeches are baseless and hollow. Rather, spend some time on thinking how you can save your country from the impending disaster.

As top creditors, China and Japan now fully control America. If things are not set right, there are chances that soon these creditor countries will own and rule a few American states. The need of the hour is to bring cultural change in America for which neither the politicians nor the hoi polloi seem to be ready.

Photo courtesy: Generation Opportunity

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