Bernie Sanders‏ Explains How Trump Favors Putin

U.S. Election: Bernie Sanders Calls for Political Revolution
U.S. Election: Bernie Sanders Calls for Political Revolution

If Trump has nothing to hide, he should immediately release his income tax returns which may carry the records of all his financial transactions with other countries, including Russia.

By Rakesh Raman

While President Donald Trump’s affinity with Russia and its President Vladimir Putin is now an open secret, Senator Bernie Sanders has compiled Trump’s sweet remarks for Putin.

Sanders said that Trump often criticizes American allies, but he always praises Putin.

“We have a president who criticizes our allies, yet when it comes to the authoritarian president of Russia he has only nice things to say,” Sanders said along with a graphic of Trump’s statements for Putin.

But what is the reason behind Trump’s extreme love for Putin? It is largely believed that Putin helped Trump win the presidential election last year by hacking and releasing the election data that harmed Hillary Clinton in the election.

Although Trump has maintained that he has no relation with Putin or Russia, most believe that as usual he is telling a lie. If Trump has nothing to hide, he should immediately release his income tax returns which may carry the records of all his financial transactions with other countries – including Russia – for the past few years.

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But despite demands from Democrats and Republicans, Trump has refused to release his tax returns without giving any logical reason. It is also possible that if he is pressed more, he may produce fake tax returns to hoodwink the Americans.

Trump-Russia Ties

The probability of Trump-Russia ties is very high, as almost all top members – such as Michael Flynn and Jeff Sessions – in the Trump team have had secret meetings with Russian diplomats. Their discussions covered very sensitive issues to change American policies to benefit Russia as a quid pro quo for Russia’s help to Trump in the election.

Congressman Ted Lieu recently said that Russian hacking of American political organizations was multifaceted and brazen, with the goals of undermining faith in the U.S. democratic process and harming Secretary Clinton’s electability. “Putin and the Russian government developed a clear preference for Trump,” Lieu said.

Similarly, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts says that a special prosecutor should hold a real, bipartisan, transparent Congressional investigation into Russia. She also said that Russia has compromising info about Trump.

Also, the Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has demanded that Russian grip on Trump must be exposed. But how?

So far, Trump’s opponents in his own Republican Party as well as Democrats have not suggested even a single legal or constitutional argument by which Trump could be formally interrogated. Their protests are limited to tweets and TV shows.

All these weak opposition protests will go futile in the absence of an end-to-end strategy to find out the truth about Russian interference in the election and the extent of secret support that Trump enjoyed from Russia to win the election.

By Rakesh Raman, who is a government’s National award-winning journalist and runs free school for deserving children under his NGO – RMN Foundation.

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