How to Enjoy the Love Day on Karva Chauth

In India, Karva Chauth festival is observed by Hindu women for longer life of their husbands or lovers.

While this year’s Karva Chauth comes Tuesday, Oct. 22, jewellery companies are offering platinum jewellery as a gift to celebrate love an affection.

Joyalukkas Group, for example, is offering a range of platinum bangles and tanmaniyas.

According to the vendor, the design concept for the platinum range is based on a design hook taken from a trend report which uses both ancient materials and amalgamates it with modern themes.

The range, symbolic of eternity, captures a way of expressing eternal love and includes pieces of minimal expressions of mythological or ancient icons of eternal love on contemporary platinum pieces.

There are a set of designs that merge modernity and tradition in a modern precious metal to make it relevant to the Indian woman’s sense of fusion dressing.

It’s said that platinum’s natural white luster highlights the brilliance of precious stones; its innate strength holds precious stones firmly and securely for a lifetime.

The precious metal is believed to be a preferred choice of modern and rich women for its elegance and everlasting features.

Joyalukkas Group’s tanmaniyas come with a price tag of Rs. 25,000 onwards and bangles for Rs. 60,000 onwards.

To know more about this precious metal and see more designs go to:

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