How to Use Condoms with Condom Sense

Most of you may be experts in the use of condoms, but this education is a little different. To celebrate National Condom Month, the makers of Trojan Brand Condoms are launching content aimed at giving the facts about condoms.

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As a leading player in sexual health for over 90 years, the makers of these condoms remain dedicated to dispelling the myths and misinformation surrounding condoms and reinforcing condom’s effectiveness and ease of use through proven facts and education.

The company has partnered with sexual health experts and organizations like the American Social Health Association (ASHA) to develop tools that provide consumers with the accurate information they need to make responsible decisions about their sex life.

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The makers of Trojan Brand Condoms are giving you a peek beneath the sheets on how these condoms are made. You can get an exclusive inside look at what goes into the creation and testing of each and every condom found at your local store.

While using a condom is simple, it is important that consumers have the facts that they need to ensure they are using condoms consistently and correctly. Today, Feb. 23, the company has released its informative how-to video to show you the real condom facts.

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