How Virgin is Your Extra Virgin?

Today, Chile Oliva, the Chilean Association of Growers and Producers of Olives and Olive Oil, launches its first consumer campaign in the U.S., which asks the question “How Virgin is Your Extra Virgin?”

The mission of the campaign is to expand the position of Chilean extra virgin olive oil into new markets, with a focus on New York, Miami and Boston. The campaign was created by Vivaldi Partners Group, a global brand strategy and marketing consulting firm.

The campaign challenges savvy gourmets to test their palettes to see what truly extra virgin olive oil should taste like. Online and offline activities will engage these discerning consumers through, Twitter parties, live tasting events and with tips from a distinguished chef.

Consumers will be able to enter sweepstakes, enjoy tasting tips and host a house party supplied with the smoothest and boldest olive oils from Chile.

“Chile boasts ideal conditions for growing the fruitiest olives and producing extraordinary olive oils,” says Arturo Leiva, president of Chile Oliva, the Chilean trade association that represents over 40 brands of Chilean olive oil, including extra virgin olive oil bottlers, venders and suppliers.

The social media arm of the campaign includes, a website and a mobile web app for olive oil addicts. A geolocation feature lets consumers know exactly where to find retailers where Chile Olive Oil is sold.

Gourmets can access and upload recipes, tasty news, contests and invitations to special events. It was announced today, April 10.

Photo courtesy: Chile Oliva

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Rakesh Raman