Karnataka Election: Supreme Court Rejects BJP Plea on Majority

Protest by Congress in West Bengal. Photo: Congress
Protest by Congress in West Bengal. Photo: Congress

Congress informs that the Supreme Court has rejected BJP’s plea for more time to prove its majority and has ordered a floor test in Karnataka Assembly tomorrow (Saturday) at 4 PM.

Congress – which has been virtually erased by PM Narendra Modi’s ruling party BJP from the political map of India – has launched a new “Save Democracy” campaign after its poor performance in the recently concluded Karnataka Assembly election.

The democracy, which our forefathers fought so hard to achieve and preserve despite the rough and tumble of electoral politics, is under threat, Congress believes.

“This is no political campaign, but one that is needed to send out a clear message to the BJP and the RSS, that we will not hesitate to hit the streets, to protest its vicious ways,” Congress said in a blog post today. “BJP thinks that it can twist and tweak the law to form governments in states, as per its own convenience, despite not having requisite numbers.”

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Congress adds that institution after institution is being hijacked by the BJP-RSS combine. This is being done by placing RSS people in key positions in those institutions. When the head of the institution is one with a certain agenda, then it doesn’t take too long for the institution to crumble to dust.

Public faith and credibility of these autonomous institutions are sacrosanct, and no government, no matter how strong is its mandate, can touch these temples of democracy. The judiciary is under severe stress, as was evident by the unprecedented press conference addressed by four senior judges of the Supreme Court.

When the judges have to go to the media, and to the people of the country, to ensure that their voice is heard, it is the last resort for them. It is adequately clear that the judges must have decided to do so, after having tried every constitutional method in the book to resolve the issue within the judiciary itself.

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Congress suggests that governments are not meant to last forever. No mandate can be taken for granted. Governments are merely service providers who are awarded a five-year contract by the voters, to serve the people of the country, and to make their lives better.

The BJP does not seem to understand this definition. The BJP is intoxicated by its own power, which it must understand, flows from the trust people had reposed on them. The RSS is an ideology that exists in the country, and unlike the BJP, we will never say that we want to create an “RSS-mukt Bharat.”

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There is space for every ideology in this country, but the BJP must understand that once it is in power, it is expected to set aside all ideological constraints and serve the people of the country, without discrimination amongst them on the basis of religion and caste.

Congress says sadly that has not happened. Religious, caste and gender minorities are under a vicious attack today by the RSS and its hydra-headed affiliates, while the BJP government is the facilitator. While such crimes happen, the BJP government looks the other way and maintains a shameful silence.

This is why the Congress party has been forced to give the clarion call of “Save Democracy“. It is imperative that as the principal Opposition party in the nation, we do not aide the BJP by maintaining silence.

It is imperative that we do not give them the impression that they can get away with just about anything. We are watching the government very closely, and we shall stand as watchdogs to scuttle every attempt of the BJP to change the fundamental nature of the country and the Constitution.

What BJP does not realize is that it is not just us; even the people are watching, and their patience is on the brink of breaking, Congress suggests.

Photo courtesy: Congress

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