Korbel 12: Handcrafted California Brandy

Korbel Brandy has introduced Korbel 12, a limited-edition California brandy. It was announced today, Oct. 17.

Korbel 12 showcases concentrated yet seamlessly integrated fruit, vanilla, cedar and spice aromas and flavors.

According to the company, its rich, sophisticated character is complemented by exceptional smoothness making it perfect for savoring “neat” and wonderful in mixed drinks.

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Korbel 12’s packaging is a tall, square-shouldered bottle bearing a gold-embossed black label and medallion.

Just 1,800 six-bottle cases of Korbel 12 California Brandy were produced for this inaugural release. It is available in select markets at a suggested retail of $39.99.

Korbel 12 joins three other brandies in the Korbel portfolio: Korbel California Brandy, Korbel V.S.O.P Gold Reserve, and Korbel XS, which blends Madagascar vanilla, natural orange essence, spices and pure cane sugar.

Drink responsibly.

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Rakesh Raman