Mercedes-Benz Role in Movies and TV Shows

Hollywood’s love affair with motion is not exclusive to pictures, but also with the wheels belonging to the iconic Mercedes-Benz SL, which has played a role in over 150 movies and television programs in its lifespan not to mention fame on studio lots and the streets of Tinseltown.

The legendary SL, for a span of six decades, continues to be one of most iconic and desired cars in Hollywood. Its first role was garnered in the late 1950s and now has reinvented itself with a complete redesign for 2013.

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Each model of the SL franchise over its 60 year history has made multiple appearances on the silver screen starring in many notable films like High Society with Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby and The Rookie with Clint Eastwood.

This Academy Awards season, Mercedes-Benz is commemorating the SL anniversary by supporting film restoration through a contribution to The Film Foundation ( in addition to creating an SL vehicle retrospective and an exclusive reveal of the 2013 SL to be seen by those attending Mercedes-Benz annual invite-only Oscar viewing party at the Soho House in West Hollywood.

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“We’re grateful to Mercedes-Benz for its support of The Film Foundation,” said executive director Margaret Bodde. “The foundation is committed to restoring and preserving as many films as possible. We want to make sure that movies, which are such an essential part of our cultural heritage, are still around for people to enjoy — not just today, but far into the future.”

Between 1958 and 1975, the SL Roadster made 53 appearances in feature films and television programs that starred many of Hollywood’s most talented actors and actresses such as Ava Gardiner and Fred Astaire. Beyond the earlier decades, the SL appeared in cult hits like Beverly Hills Cop, Cannon Ball Run and The Flamingo Kid.

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“Classic films are similar to vintage cars in that they are a window into the past, whether communicating society’s aspirations or people’s style and taste during that era,” said Michael Kunz, manager of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine California.

“Restoring Mercedes-Benz vehicles is part of our DNA and we take great personal pride and determination in helping keep thousands of Mercedes-Benz classic cars on the road today and true to their originality.”

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