Messi Signs Contract with Space Scooter

Messi Space Scooter
Messi Space Scooter

Four time world football player of the year Lionel Messi has signed a three year contract with Dutch Space Scooter. Not to play football, but to help design and promote his own special edition of the scooter under his own brand.

Dutch company and brand owner Easy2 Company B.V. will licensee globally Space Scooter under the player’s brand. According to the company, the Space Scooter is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

The scooter is driven by moving the tray up and down, causing a chain to power the rear wheel. This movement feels like walking in space, hence the name Space Scooter.

The scooter is getting popular among children and young adults and often replaces regular bikes. The patented design results in a new and unique way of moving, which helps children to go out and play again, enjoying the sporting and energetic way of transport.

“Messi is a great example for many children when it comes to what you can accomplish in your life, if only you believe in yourself,” said managing director Joost Blom of Easy2 Company.

Messi and Easy2 Company signed a contract for the development and promotion of the Messi Space Scooter, which will be launched during the World Cup Football in June.

The ‘Messi’ Scooter will also be available online on the future Messi web store. In return, the Dutch company is handing out free scooters in districts and projects supported by the Leo Messi Foundation.

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