Pepsi Presents Spoof on Grammy Awards

In a Broadway meets football mash-up, Pepsi spoofed 2013’s most talked about, music moments during a two and half minute intermission spot during Sunday’s telecast.

Highlights from Pepsi’s Halftime spoof during the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards include:

  • Mike Ditka flying in on a football, parodying a music video,
  • “Executive producer” Deion Sanders mastering autotune,
  • Shannon Sharpe channeling his rap skills, along with help from NY Jets’ Nick Mangold in his own “motorcycle moment,”
  • Baltimore Ravens’ Michael Oher and Detriot Lions’ Michael Stafford celebrating with an EDM crowd-pleaser,
  • Terry Bradshaw, sporting plenty of fringe and a blinged-out Pepsi belt buckle, carrying a country tune,
  • And cameos from music and entertainment artists, Wale, Juicy J, Cassadee Pope, Prince Royce and Jhene Aiko.

Bringing Pepsi’s take on what an unexpected halftime experience could look like through a 2.5-minute intermission spot to the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards is one of the many ways Pepsi is getting fans hyped for this year’s Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show.

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Rakesh Raman