Pizza Hut’s New Sandwich Concept, The P’Zolo

The new concept is available in three recipes, Meat Trio, Italian Steak and Buffalo Chicken. The P’Zolo is available at Pizza Hut for $3 for one or $5 for two.

“We think people are quickly going to see they can get a lot more for their $5 with the new P’Zolo. It’s more than a sandwich. It’s a new flavor creation that is leaving the sub category behind,” said Kurt Kane, Pizza Hut CMO.

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To introduce the P’Zolo, Pizza Hut launched Monday a “Subway Takeover” by commandeering a pair of subway cars on Chicago’s Red Line. This Thursday, June 7, Pizza Hut will pass out free P’Zolos at select Red Line stops in the city.

Pizza Hut will announce the locations on its Facebook page later this week (

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P’Zolo customers who want to take down the sub sandwich can do just that on the Pizza Hut Facebook page.  This week Pizza Hut will unveil a “See Ya Subs” game, which allows Facebook users to test their firing skills to take down subs with an arsenal of P’Zolos.

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Rakesh Raman