PM Modi Faces No-Confidence Motion in Indian Parliament

Narendra Modi (file photo). Courtesy: PIB
Narendra Modi (file photo). Courtesy: PIB

The Prime Minister (PM) of India – Narendra Modi – is facing a no-confidence motion, as the opposition parties launched a fresh attack on Modi government when the Monsoon Session of Parliament began Wednesday.

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan accepted the no-confidence motion against the Modi-led NDA government. It will be further discussed on Friday in Lok Sabha to decide the fate of the Modi government.

A no-confidence motion is introduced only in the Lok Sabha (the Lower House of the Parliament of India). The motion is admitted for discussion when a minimum of 50 members of the House support the motion.

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The House debates and votes on the motion. If a majority of the members of the House vote in favour of the motion, the motion is passed and the government is asked to vacate the office.

In the present case, if the opposition parties could prove their majority in the House, the Modi government will fall and Modi will no longer be the PM of India.

However, the government expects to get the support of at least 314 MPs in the Lok Sabha which has an effective strength of 535 members. The government needs the vote of only 268 members to defeat the motion.

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