Sonia Gandhi Attacks Modi Government

Sonia Gandhi Attacks Modi Government
Sonia Gandhi Attacks Modi Government

Addressing the Chief Ministers of Congress-governed states Congress President Sonia Gandhi today attacked Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi and his BJP government.

“There is a dangerous duplicitous game that is being played out. On one hand, the PM wants to project himself as a champion of good governance and on the other, he allows his colleagues to make communal remarks,” Sonia Gandhi said.

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She also said, “There are systematic attempts being made to dismantle the edifice of welfare state built over the decades by successive Congress governments.This is a new philosophy, which abdicates the essential role of the Central government.”

Congress President added, “There is unprecedented centralisation of power and authority. The deliberate by-passing of Parliament is a threat to civil society and warning to the judiciary.”

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