320,000 People Killed in Syrian Conflict

Islamic State
Islamic State

Humanitarian organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has documented death of 230,618 persons since March 18, 2011 – which witnessed the fall of the first martyr in Daraa – until June 8, 2015.

The casualties, according to SOHR, are as follows:

  • Civilians: 108,086 civilians, including 11,493 children and 7371 women
  • Rebel and Islamic fighters: 38,592
  • Defected soldiers and officers: 2,524
  • Arab, European, Asian, American and Australian fighters from the ISIS, al-Nusra Front, Junoud al-Sham battalion, Jund Al-Aqsa battalion, Jund al-Sham Movement and al-Khadra’ battalion: 31,247
  • Regular regime soldiers and officers: 49,106
  • Combatants from Popular Defense Committees, National Defense Forces, al Shabiha, pro-regime informers and the “Syrian resistance to liberate the Sanjak of Alexandretta”: 32,533
  • Pro- regime Shia militiamen from Arab and Asian nationalities, Al Quds Al Felastini Brigade and other pro-regime militiamen from different Arab nationalities: 2,844
  • Fighters from Hezbollah: 838
  • Unidentified dead people (documented by photos and footages): 3,191

These numbers do not include more than 20,000 detainees in regime prisons and thousands of those who disappeared during regime raids and massacres. It does not include more than 7,000 regular soldiers and pro-regime militants and about 2000 of “regime supporters” captured by Islamic State (IS) fighters, Al-Nusra front, rebel and Islamic battalions on charge of “dealing with the regime”.

The numbers also do not include more than 1,500 fighters from the YPG, IS, al-Nusra Front, Islamic battalions and rebel battalions who were kidnapped during clashes among the mentioned parties.

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These statistics do not include the destiny of 4,000 abductees from the civilians and fighters inside IS jails from Shaitaat tribe who were kidnapped by the Islamic State in the province of Deir Ezzor.

“We in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates the real number of non-Syrian casualties from the IS, al-Nusra Front, Islamic factions, Jund Al-Aqsa battalion, Junoud al-Sham, al-Katiba al-Khadra’, Jund al-Sham, rebel battalions, regular forces and pro-regime militants to be approximately 90,000 more than the documented number due to the extreme discretion by all sides on the human losses caused by the conflict and due to the difficulty of communication in Syria,” said SOHR.

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It further said that despite our loss of hope in an international community capable and willing to put an end to the ongoing atrocities in Syria, we in the Syrian Observatory call upon all sides that claim to defend the freedoms of the people and their rights, to take a serious and responsible stance in order to end the bloodshed in Syria amid the increasing violence and the escalating number of casualties.

SOHR calls upon all sides to support the Syrian people in their aspirations towards freedom, equality and democracy and to exert all effort in guaranteeing that the perpetrators and their wrongdoings will not go unpunished, through the International Criminal Court or through establishing a special court for Syria.

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