Teens Against Drunk Driving: Victim Impact Fund

Teens Against Drunk Driving national victim program is a relatively new addition to the charity’s fight to make the streets safer for everyone.

The program is helping families attempt to regain a semblance of normality after someone in their family was the victim of a drunk driving / distracted driving accident.

While the vehicle aspect of T.A.D.D.’s victim program is for the Illinois area only at this point, the victim program is helping financially all across the country.

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“We get calls from every state in the Union. We have helped hundreds of families in the short time we have had the victim program. It has been a success. However, the need is severely outweighing our resources, we need many more vehicles, and we need much more financial help, and we need it quickly,” stated William M. Piecuch, Jr., founder and president of T.A.D.D.

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Rakesh Raman