Uplinq 2011 Wireless Ecosystem Conference

Mobile tech company Qualcomm has announced that the Uplinq 2011 wireless ecosystem conference will be held June 1-2, 2011 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. 

It is designed to help drive the business decisions of developers, publishers, device manufacturers and operators who are focused on mobile applications and data services.

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Uplinq 2011 programming will include sessions on a host of developer-, operator- and manufacturer-friendly enhancements to Brew MP, content on open source developments and how developers and manufacturers can differentiate their Android-based products leveraging Qualcomm software optimizations and tools.

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“Uplinq 2010 marked a significant evolution in Qualcomm’s support for the wireless ecosystem it shares with mobile developers, device manufacturers, operating system providers and operators,” said Bill Davidson, senior vice president of Global Marketing and Investor Relations for Qualcomm. 

“Uplinq 2010 effectively served as the annual Brew conference while also addressing the interests of members of the wireless ecosystem targeting the major smartphone operating systems. Uplinq 2011 will build on this approach, as the only major conference designed to address the needs of the wireless ecosystem in a complex, multi-platform world.”

Registration for Uplinq 2011 is scheduled to open in early 2011. To review highlights of Uplinq 2010, you can go to www.uplinq.com.

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