Yoga for Health, Yoga for Success, Yoga for Love

Yoga for Health, Yoga for Success, Yoga for Love
Yoga for Health, Yoga for Success, Yoga for Love

The United Nations (UN) has declared June 21st as the International Day of Yoga. The resolution by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, supported by over 177 countries recognizes that “yoga provides a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.”

As part of the International Day of Yoga celebrations, a yoga organization Isha Foundation has released online 5-minute Yoga lessons that anyone can practice.

The foundation’s global effort aims to train over 35,600 teachers to offer free yoga at over 100,000 locations and digitally introduce free yoga to 50-100 million people.

The Yoga lessons include:

Yoga for Health: To unleash vibrancy and energy, so you can move into higher levels of health and wellbeing.

Yoga for Success: In evolution, a vertical spine corresponds to a leap in intelligence and capability. Keep your spine healthy and take your life to the next level.

Yoga for Love: Connect with life and break out of the walls you have created around your heart with this subtle, yet powerful yoga practice to experience more love.

Isha Foundation says it is one of the strategic partners with the Indian Government to plan the celebration in all the Indian Embassies and cultural centers worldwide.

As an international yoga organization, Isha Foundation says it has touched the lives of seven million people from all walks of life worldwide with over 3 million volunteers and in over 200 city centers.

Photo / Video courtesy: Isha Foundation

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