Was Hillary Clinton Scared in the Presidential Debate?

Presidential Debate
Presidential Debate

Although Trump offered a convoluted apology for his lewd remarks about women, most Americans believe that he is so crude and vulgar that he is not fit to become President.

By Rakesh Raman

It appeared that the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was kinda scared in the second presidential debate that happened Sunday.

It was not because her rival Republican Donald Trump said he will put her in jail because of the allegations about using a private e-mail server. It was not because Trump threatened to discuss the extramarital affairs of Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton. It was also not because she was worried about her own health that has not been quite perfect during the past few weeks.

Then? Perhaps, she was scared of Trump’s sexual tendencies to “grope women without their consent, grab them by the pussy, and force himself upon them,” as it was revealed last week in a leaked tape about Trump’s close-door assertions.

Trump said when you are a star – that he claims he is – you can do anything with women without their consent. Going by his belief, the White House will become a brothel of female sex slaves if Trump is elected President because then he will be a bigger star.

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Although Trump offered a convoluted apology last week for his lewd remarks about women, most Americans believe that he is so crude and vulgar that he is not fit to become America’s President.

Hillary raised this issue in the debate. But Trump’s fiercest critics are his own party members who have withdrawn their support to Trump and many have asked him to step down from the presidential race, although Trump has refused to listen and has decided to contest the November election.

Now, officially Trump is a Republican candidate, but for all practical purposes he is standing alone in the race. While many believed he will not even appear for the Sunday’s debate, he came and explained unsuccessfully why he is fit to occupy the White House.

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It was an unguided 90-minutes discussion in the townhall format. Both the candidates ignored the questions being asked by the moderators – Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz – and audience members, and they said what they had prepared to say.

While Hillary offered very few arguments that required fact checking, Trump’s statements were mostly loaded with wrong or inaccurate data.

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee (RNC) issued a statement Sunday saying that Hillary Clinton spent the night struggling to defend her failed record.

“Donald Trump rejected the politics of cronyism and made it clear he will bring strong leadership, prosperity and security to our country,” said RNC chairman Reince Priebus in the statement.

Toward the end of the debate, Clinton responded to a question by saying she admires Trump’s children and Trump reciprocated by acknowledging Clinton’s fighting spirit. “She never gives up.”

The third presidential debate will happen on October 19 .The U.S. presidential election is scheduled to take place Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of RMN Company

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