Bing Brings ESPN Series ‘I Am a World Champion’

Sports entertainment company ESPN and Microsoft search engine Bing have joined forces to present a multifaceted program that includes a feature series highlighting champion quarterbacks and their decisive moments in life and football.

It will also include an on-site activation as part of ESPN The Magazine’s annual NEXT event during Super Bowl weekend.

Only 28 men have ever led their team to a Super Bowl victory and walked off the field a world champion quarterback.

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Beginning today, Jan. 24, ESPN is launching a new feature series called “I Am a World Champion,” presented by Bing, offering a first-person narrative from the signal callers who helped define the biggest game in American sports.

It will showcase the travails and triumphs told in the quarterback’s own voice, such as Terry Bradshaw’s relationship with Chuck Knoll and the many daunting life obstacles Doug Williams overcame to reach glory.

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The first installment, featuring Bradshaw, is now available online at and airs today at 4 p.m. EST during NFL Live, with additional segments running throughout the week on both NFL Live and afternoon editions of SportsCenter.

Also, as the official Decision Engine (it is a Microsoft term for its search engine) of ESPN The Magazine’s 2011 NEXT event, Bing will be presenting an open-to-the-public panel of Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks including Joe Montana, Doug Williams and Kurt Warner on Saturday, Feb. 5 at 2 p.m. CST.

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“We’re excited to team up with ESPN Films to showcase the decisive moments in the lives and careers of these legendary quarterbacks,” said Danielle Tiedt, general manager of Bing.

“It’s been an inspirational journey to work with ESPN to bring this unique content to life reflecting the key life and career decisions that made these men into legends.”

“Our collaboration with Bing gave us an opportunity to create a series of truly inspiring features, which offer a new perspective on the lives and careers of a few of the men who have hoisted the Lombardi Trophy,” said Ed Erhardt, president of ESPN Customer Marketing and Sales.

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Within each story, the quarterbacks will share recollections of perseverance and sacrifice made on their path to the Super Bowl, and how that ultimate moment of achievement has impacted their lives years later.

From the relative quiet of their lives today to the clamorous traffic of those intense, game-winning moments on the field and into champagne-soaked locker rooms, “I Am a World Champion,” presented by Bing, will share the personal stories and memories of this elite group of men.

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Each of the features will be available at

Full details about ESPN The Magazine’s seventh annual NEXT and “I Am a World Champion,” presented by Bing, can be found at

Additional details about what Bing offers football fans — including player comparisons and stats, sports trivia, taxi fare calculator, weather, recipes, local restaurants and bars, parking lot finders, and more — are at

Photo courtesy: Microsoft Bing

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