Here Comes a New Way to Share Gift Cards, an American Greetings Corporation company, has introduced a new way to send popular gift cards. The Web site, which introduced the opportunity to include the gift cards with e-cards last month, now offers e-card gift holders, a format that aims to deliver a greater personal touch.

The gift holders are free for both members and non-members to send with the purchase of an gift card, while at

Essentially the electronic version of a paper gift card holder, the e-card gift holder includes the gift card in the presentation of the greeting so that it is delivered within the unique animation. Each e-card gift holder features original content and designs.

In addition to the new e-card gift holders, members can also include an gift card with any e-card at and

The gift cards never expire, and can be redeemed towards a selection of books, electronics, music, DVDs, software, apparel, toys and more.

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Rakesh Raman