How Delhi Police Finds the Way to Happiness

How Delhi Police Finds the Way to Happiness
How Delhi Police Finds the Way to Happiness

About 200 police training school students in New Delhi attended The Way to Happiness workshop, taking home lessons about ethics and values to help them as future officers and throughout life, it was stated Wednesday.

As with any other metropolitan areas in the world, those living in the modern, growing residential community of Dwarka, in Dehli, India, depend upon the ethical standards of their law enforcement officers to establish order and protect residents.

To orient new officers-in-training to moral principles that will help them succeed, a deputy chief of police arranged a workshop for 200 trainees at the police training school in Dwarka.

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The workshop took the students through the commonsense moral guide authored by L. Ron Hubbard, The Way to Happiness and its 21 precepts that anyone can apply.

With intense participation, each police trainee took a close look at how they apply or fail to apply the booklet’s 21 moral principles.

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The workshop was delivered by the executive director of The Way to Happiness Foundation of India, Rohit Sharma, who has introduced the booklet into police departments throughout India.

The workshops were lively with student participation, as trainees shared examples from their experiences of how they used the precepts and what happened when they didn’t. At the end, each was invited to write up their feedback on the program.

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