Hyundai Attempts Mass Hypnosis for Super Bowl

During Super Bowl XLV on Sunday, Feb. 6, Hyundai will urge consumers to “Snap Out of It,” with a two-part group therapy session beginning in the game’s first quarter with a spot called “Hypnotized,” followed by a healing session in Q3 with an ad called “Deprogramming.”

Both offer the all-new 2011 Elantra as treatment for the malaise afflicting the long-suffering compact car shopper, says the company.

“Hypnotized” features everyday driving imagery interlaced with the rhythmic staccato placement of title cards asking: “Have we been hypnotized to believe compact cars are good enough?” 

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The spot questions the idea that compact cars are as good as they can be, and suggests consumers in turn question how that belief has become so ingrained in our culture.

Long-held beliefs softened by the first spot are then confronted directly with the second, called  “Deprogramming,” which seeks to hypnotize 100 million viewers simultaneously through a kaleidoscope of graphics featuring compact car stereotypes paired with a soothing voiceover declaring, among other things, “compact cars can be more.”

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Once the viewer is fully entranced, the voice calmly brings them back to reality saying, “Snap out of it, man.” 

After the Elantra reveal, look for Hyundai to play further off viewers lulled into therapeutic susceptibility with a light-hearted nod to New Age empowerment, says the company.

“We love the Super Bowl’s ability to transform over 100 million Americans into advertising aficionados, so we went with a playful theme that ties a marketing-driven conspiracy theory to our fresh take on the compact car segment, the 40-mpg Elantra,” said John Krafcik, president and CEO, Hyundai Motor America. 

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“Building from the first two Elantra ads in the AFC Championship Game, and 10 viral spots online right now, the Super Bowl shifts the campaign into top gear with what may be the biggest group therapy hypnosis session ever attempted.”

Hyundai will round out its Super Bowl appearance with a third spot starring the 2011 Sonata Hybrid. The ad, titled “Anachronistic City,” shows a variety of early-generation devices – all innovative in their time – to convey that, while Sonata is not the first hybrid to the market, it is a sophisticated evolution of hybrid technology and a smart challenger of conventional, early-generation hybrids. The Sonata Hybrid spot will run in the fourth quarter. 

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All three Super Bowl commercials feature Hyundai’s 2011 “New Thinking, New Possibilities” brand vision.  Innocean Worldwide Americas, Hyundai’s agency of record, is responsible for all creative.

Photo courtesy: Hyundai

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