Janet Jackson to Help Kids in Africa

Janet Jackson, GRAMMY Award-winning and Oscar nominated artist, entertainer and actor is lending her talent and voice to support UNICEF in providing humanitarian assistance in the Sahel region of West and Central Africa, where 1.4 million children are at risk of severe malnutrition, a potentially deadly condition if left untreated.

“We are all facing a silent emergency. So many children are at risk of losing their lives in the Sahel region of Africa because they don’t have food to eat,” said Jackson.

“We must act now to save and protect children at risk from malnutrition—not just in emergencies —but for today and forever. I commit my heart, my love, and my resources to this effort. With your help and the leadership of UNICEF, we will bring change to West and Central Africa.”

Jackson will be appearing in a Public Service Announcement and take to Twitter and Facebook with a message that children in the hard-hit Sahel region and across the globe can—and must—have access to proper food and other basic necessities to save and improve their lives.

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UNICEF has appealed for $248 million for this year to address the needs of children affected by chronic drought, rising food prices, and conflict in the semi-arid Sahel, a belt of land south of the Sahara desert.

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Rakesh Raman