Mobile Website Publishing Tool: 2ergo Publish

Mobile solutions company 2ergo Americas has introduced 2ergo Publish, a mobile website publishing tool. It enables small business professionals, marketers, and advertisers to create custom mobile sites for $19 a month.

“We recognize that many small and medium business owners cannot justify the high cost to mobilize their businesses. 2ergo Publish provides the advanced capabilities necessary to layer a mobile channel onto their businesses at an affordable price,” said Michael Scully, market director for 2ergo Americas.

The tool allows users to customize the look and feel around content such as news feeds, images, videos, store locations, contact information, data capture forms, and more, enabling relevant information and interactivity on the go. It also supports key marketing features such as click-to-call, SMS-to-friend, and mobile advertising.

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The web-based administration portal features drag-and-drop page construction with an instant preview screen so that users can see changes in real time.

No technical skills are required to use 2ergo Publish, and advanced users will find additional opportunities to extend the platform for more sophisticated solutions, says the company.

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Users only have to create one site that will work on different devices, even as new devices come to market.

Customers can choose from three pricing plans, ranging from $19 to $89 per month, which include features and online support.

After the free 14-day trial, it is a monthly pay-as-you-go product; there are no long-term contracts or commitments. Customers can use the mobile domain or use their own .com or .mobi domain.

The solution was launched Tuesday, Dec. 7.

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