Nobody Has the Power to Ruin Your Day: Lizzie Sider

Lizzie Sider

Lizzie Sider

Lizzie Sider, 16-year old rising country artist will be bringing her “Nobody Has The Power To Ruin Your Day” Bully Prevention Assembly Tour through the New York City area from October 6-15.

The tour, which has already hit California, Florida and Texas, will coincide with the month’s National Bully Prevention activities, and includes visits with at least one school in each of New York City’s five boroughs.

Lizzie has already met with more than 250 schools, connecting with more than 100,000 students.

During the assemblies, Lizzie encourages kids to help prevent bullying, as she recounts her own personal journey as a young student who was ridiculed and teased.

She will also perform her original song “Butterfly,” which Lizzie co-wrote about her experience, and how she overcame the teasing. Her goal is to help kids as a positive role model, having risen above her own ridicule, to pursue a career in music.

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