Olivia Wilde to Promote Avon Fragrances

Beginning this fall in the U.S., actress, activist and renowned beauty Olivia Wilde will serve as the face of the leading global beauty company Avon’s “Today. Tomorrow. Always.” trio of fragrances.

A modern icon of beauty, Wilde’s enduring appeal perfectly complements this timeless fragrance series, says Avon.

First launched in 2004, Today. Tomorrow. Always. has become a set of Avon classics that evokes strong feelings of true love. As the brand approaches a decade, Wilde’s timeless allure makes her the ideal face of this classic, yet modern collection.

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“I am honored to be partnering with Avon as the face of the Today. Tomorrow. Always. fragrances,” explained Wilde. “The collection is made up of fragrances that are true classics, yet modern and fresh at the same time.”

The Scents:

TODAY: A precious, joyful white floral, Today captures the lush, sweet scent of the nectar-rich, honey-scented blossoms of the Butterfly Bush.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

TOMORROW: This oriental woody scent envelops you in the rich, warm scent of exotic flowers and golden fruits.

FOREVER: Fresh, romantic and enduring, Forever immerses you in an embrace of petally Florals, creamy woods and sensual musk.

Priced $30.00, these will be available exclusively through Avon Representatives.

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