Porsche Offers Spotting Game for Football Fans

Carmaker Porsche will join Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers fans in Dallas for a weekend filled with America’s favorite pastimes – sightseeing, tailgating, football – and Porsche spotting. 

Porsche is inviting everyone in town to participate in the big showdown. The challenge is to help Porsche create a real-time online photo gallery using the Foursquare social media application and snapshots of Porsche vehicles at the Big D’s best hangouts and landmarks.

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How to play? The company explains: Spot a Porsche Cayenne tailgating at the Cowboys Stadium, snap a 911 parked outside the Bud Light Hotel or catch a Cayman cruising past the NFL Experience at the Dallas Convention Center.

Wherever you meet up with a Porsche, check in with Foursquare, snap a photograph from that location with the Porsche in the foreground and hashtag your ‘shout’ with “#Porsche.”

Porsche will select the top photos for inclusion in a real-time gallery hosted on the “Big Game” tab on Porsche’s Facebook fan page.

Photos that best capture the spirit and vibe of the big game weekend will be a featured “All Star” in the “#Porsche Spotting at the Big Game” album on Porsche’s Facebook fan page.

In addition to the “home team” Porsche cars owned by local enthusiasts, players can also capture a visiting squad of 2011 model Porsche vehicles based at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel that will be used for celebrity and VIP test-drives. 

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Panamera, Porsche’s ‘sports car for four’ and the new Cayenne will take special guests to area festivities from Feb. 4 – 6, informs the company.

For more information regarding the new 2011 Porsche Panamera or the 2011 Porsche Cayenne, visit www.porsche.com/usa. And for more information on “#Porsche Spotting at the Big Game” visit www.facebook.com/Porsche or follow the Tweets at www.Twitter.com/Porsche.

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