Charlie Hebdo: I’m Charlie. I’m Back

Charlie Hedbo: I'm Charlie. I'm Back

Charlie Hedbo: I’m Charlie. I’m Back

After losing 12 people in a terrorist attack on its office last week, French magazine Charlie Hebdo has decided to release its next issue Wednesday.

While the Charlie Hebdo artists were presumably attacked and killed by Islamic terrorists for lampooning Prophet Muhammad in their caricatures, in a bold step the magazine has decided to again carry Muhammad’s cartoon on the cover.

Reportedly, Charlie Hebdo has increased the print-run of the new issue to three million copies from a normal weekly production of 60,000.

[ Cost of the Freedom of Expression: Death ]

Charlie Hebdo (or Charlie Weekly), which is known for inviting controversies by publishing sensational content ridiculing different religions, was earlier attacked by Muslim extremists in 2011 when it carried a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad.

It’s believed that since Islam prohibits idol worship, the religion doesn’t allow the depiction of Muhammad in any artificial form.

Earlier, it was thought the attackers last week belonged to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), as Charlie’s latest tweet was a cartoon of the ISIS militant group leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. However, new reports suggest that they belonged to an affiliate outfit of the al-Qaeda terror organization.

Photo courtesy: Charlie Hebdo

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