Republicans React to Delay in Hillary Clinton’s Email Releases

Pledge to Stop Hillary Clinton

Pledge to Stop Hillary Clinton

As the controversy related to Hillary Clinton’s emails is getting hotter by the day, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has responded to the State Department’s attempt to delay Clinton email releases.

“It’s clear that the State Department’s delay is all about ensuring any further damaging developments in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal are revealed only after the votes are counted in the early nominating states. The American people should be outraged at the Obama Administration’s gamesmanship to protect someone who recklessly exposed classified information on more than 1,300 occasions, including highly sensitive Top Secret intelligence,” said RNC chairman Reince Priebus.

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Questions are being raised about Hillary Clinton’s practice of using her own private email address and server instead of using the official email facility during her stint as Secretary of State.

It is alleged that instead of retaining and preserving all her written records, as the Federal Records Act requires, Clinton allowed her political cronies to decide which emails she turned over, before deleting about 30,000 emails.

“A ruling in favor of this blatant attempt to shield Hillary Clinton from accountability would further erode trust in our political system. Hillary Clinton has already violated the public trust by putting our national security at risk in order to skirt transparency laws. Let’s hope her friends at the State Department aren’t allowed to continue doing the same,” Priebus said.

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