Symphony Orchestra to Go Live on YouTube

On the evening of March 20, Obscura Digital will transform the dynamic Sydney Opera House structure into a visual augmentation of a live symphonic performance.

It will amplify the artistry of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra event with real-time audio-reactive graphic projections. They will simultaneously canvas the interior and exterior of the iconic building with parallel projection shows.

“If we achieve what we are trying to do, we will be creating musically expressive architecture,” explained Travis Threlkel, founder and chief creative officer of Obscura Digital.

“We will enable audiences to experience the Sydney Opera House in a new light by using optical illusions that make it appear to be moving and accentuating itself based on what is taking place with the live performance inside the concert hall, essentially allowing the building to become a living, breathing artistic representation of the music.”

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Obscura Digital, an experiential technology player, will be supporting YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 by designing and deploying sophisticated multiple vantage point projections to create a transparent architectural experience for the live event.

Obscura Digital’s team conceptualized and designed an interactive visual performance component to the music so audiences can be exposed to a show of light and sound from all angles.

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They will wrap the interior of the concert hall with immersive art projections, making the visual art content dynamic and responsive to the music.

Beamed from a half-a-mile away onto the facade of the Western Sails, Obscura Digital will integrate live camera feeds from the concert hall with stylized treatments and live digital painting components.

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This complex array of interactive graphic effects from the exterior will then be brought back into the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House for a two-hour show.

YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 will be live-streamed at:

The performance will take place at: Sydney Opera House, Sunday, March 20, 2011 from 8pm–10:30pm, and will be visible on the Western Sails from Dawes Point.

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