Syrian Kurds Launch Fresh Offensive on ISIS

YPG Martyrs

YPG Martyrs

The People’s Defense Units (a.k.a. Yekîneyên Parastina Gel or YPG), which is the national army of Syrian Kurdistan, launched new military campaign Monday to liberate all the ISIS terrorist-occupied villages in Syria’s Kobanê countryside.

Paving the way for new operations, this campaign on three fronts of Kobanê so far has been productively carried out, said YPG.

“With the intention of cleansing those villages under Daesh (or ISIS) occupation, and to avenge our martyred comrades, we have completed 3 major Liberation Campaigns in Kobanê’s rural area, according to YPG.

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“The YPG campaigns included Operation to Avenge Şehîd (Martyr) Mendik and Hogir, Operation to Avenge Şehîd Agirî and Şehîd Herdem, and Operation Şehîdên Girik (enduring to this moment) – all effectively resulted in liberation of tens of villages and strategic points,” the YPG General Command in Kobanê claimed.

Many Daesh centers were destroyed by our troops during these operations. A large number of Daesh fighters including several senior commanders of the terrorist organization were killed, and a large quantity of weapons and ammunition were seized in the course of these actions, according to YPG.

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“Eight of our comrades who played a big role for the prosperity of the operations, accomplished a proper response against the barbaric attacks, expressed a heroic resistance, and were martyred in action,” YPG said. It has also published on its website the pictures of the eight fighters who were martyred in the battle against ISIS.

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Photo courtesy: YPG

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