Trump Threatens to Cancel Licenses of News Networks

President Donald Trump. Photo: White House
President Donald Trump. Photo: White House

While Trump does not want his voters to trust the news stories about Mueller’s investigation, he is raising doubts about the sanctity of newspapers and TV networks.

By Rakesh Raman

After repeatedly accusing the media organization with the allegation of delivering “Fake News,” the beleaguered U.S. President Donald Trump has finally threatened to completely gag the press, beginning with TV networks.

Trump said today that with all of the fake news coming out of NBC and other networks, he is considering to revoke their licenses.

Trump is largely disturbed by the truthful media reports which inform about Trump-Russia ties that allegedly helped Trump win the presidential race last year. However, today Trump spewed his anger on Twitter about the NBC report that said Trump wants tenfold increase in U.S. nuclear arsenal.

“Pure fiction, made up to demean…Bad for country!” Trump lamented with the usual exclamation mark at the end of his tweet. He also used the equal sign to equate the “Fake News” of NBC with CNN.

The chattering classes believe that Trump will soon curtail the press freedom in America as the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has entered the White House and it is soon expected to question Trump.

While Trump does not want his voters to trust the news stories about Mueller’s investigation, he is raising doubts about the sanctity of newspapers and TV networks that are bringing truth in front of the people at large.

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If Mueller’s investigation found that Trump is a culprit, Trump will ask his base not to trust the findings of the investigation which will then be reported aggressively by the journalists.

As Trump has indicated today, it is likely that with his erratic behaviour he might cancel the licenses of news organizations.

It is also believed that he is suffering from an acute mental illness. If that is true, he can order the arrest and imprisonment of journalists under sedition charges.

Of late, over two dozen psychiatrists and psychologists found that Trump is dangerously mentally ill and that he presents a clear danger to the nation.

In a new book titled “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts have assessed the mental state of Trump.

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