10 Reasons Why Yoga May Not be Good for You

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon gets a yoga lesson from Vijay Nambiar, the Secretary-General's Special Adviser on Myanmar. UN Photo / Mark Garten
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon gets a yoga lesson from Vijay Nambiar, the Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Myanmar. UN Photo / Mark Garten

The UN has declared June 21 as the International Day of Yoga because like Narendra Modi, UN is leaving no stone unturned to get cheap publicity.

By Rakesh Raman

Rakesh Raman
Rakesh Raman

When India’s hype-driven Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the UN chief Ban Ki-moon that Yoga is somethin’ good, somethin’ useful, Ban stood on one foot to practice Yoga.

In doing so, Ban also became a victim of blind faith like thousands others who are being enticed by Modi and his publicity paraphernalia. Thus, the UN declared June 21 as the International Day of Yoga.

While there is an unprecedented Modi-led hype around Yoga, here are 10 simple truths about this so-called exercise that you must know before you decide to move your limbs.

1. Yoga was practiced in ancient India by Sanyasis (or ascetics) as part of their lifelong practice of self-denial. In fact, self-denial is a prerequisite to perform Yoga. In the current world full of greed and selfishness, Yoga is an utterly useless practice and therefore it will be difficult to find any person around you who is eligible to perform Yoga.

2. Yoga is nothing but a mind-control drill. When your mind is in your control, it tells you that your body is fit and healthy because you think like this. If you can’t control your mind like Sanyasis, you will be wasting your time on Yoga. So, don’t waste your time. Instead, you should use this time to give a bath to your dog.

3. Yoga is a passive practice meant only for tired and retired people. After sitting on a mat like a tortoise, these people think they are doing some exercise that will relieve them from their mental and physical pains. This is the height of absurdity. There is no evidence that Yoga can heal your sickness.

4. People who believe that Yoga can cure their ailments are living in a fool’s paradise. In fact, all the known healthy people in the world – like players, actors, and other celebrities – have not even heard about Yoga. They do vigorous physical exercises and follow a strict diet regimen to keep themselves fit and healthy.

5. Some affluent Indian people (in India and abroad) practice Yoga because they have plenty of money and time to waste. They are clueless about Yoga. If you tell them that donkey dance is good for them, they will start dancing like a donkey. Believe me.

6. Yoga is being promoted by some Indian crooks who look like Sadhus – most of them have long beards. They have strong political affiliations with the current Modi-led Hindu ruling party BJP in India. As they are money-minded businessmen, they are looting the rich by selling them Yoga hijinks.

7. The UN has declared June 21 as the International Day of Yoga because like Modi, UN is leaving no stone unturned to get cheap publicity. As this intergovernmental organization has already lost its relevance, it’s always exploring such hype opportunities to stay in the news. It has no interest in Yoga.

8. Modi is building Yoga hype to hide his incompetence as a Prime Minister. In the past one year of his rule, India has failed on all fronts and continues to be an underdeveloped country. And Modi spends a lot of his time on foreign excursions. As Modi says he practices Yoga, you just look at his hippo-like frame. You will understand why Yoga is not good for humans.

9. It is highly risky to perform Yoga in India because Indian cities are extremely polluted and dirty. Your every breath in the breathing exercises of Yoga will take you closer to your grave because you will be inhaling poisonous pollution. Modi has ignored this fact because he is not concerned about your health.

10. Modi or Ban Ki-moon can’t tell you anything about Yoga because they live like kings. Only Sanyasis who have no interest in the corporeal wold, can tell you how to perform Yoga. For that to happen, you will have to go to jungles to learn something about Yoga because Sanyasis live in jungles.

Are you ready to go? Sanyasis are waiting for you.

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of RMN Company

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