Corruption Case: Legal Dragnet Targets DPS Housing Society in Dwarka

Illegal car parking at DPS Cooperative Group Housing Society in Dwarka, New Delhi can cause fire mishaps. Click the photo to read the story. Photo by Rakesh Raman, May 2017.
Illegal car parking at DPS Cooperative Group Housing Society in Dwarka, New Delhi can cause fire mishaps. Click the photo to read the story. Photo by Rakesh Raman, May 2017.

The Delhi government has now asked a top anti-corruption department to reopen and investigate the DPS Housing Society corruption case.

By Rakesh Raman

The managing committee (MC) of DPS Cooperative Group Housing Society in Dwarka, Delhi, which is already facing a corruption inquiry ordered by India’s top anti-corruption organization Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), is now under a legal onslaught.

The documents obtained by RMN News Service reveal that some members of the Society have filed a legal case against the MC of the Society to get the MC members removed from the office.

With charges of misconduct, malpractices, and abuse of authority, the petition also urges the government to stop the MC members and their supporters from execution of an illegal FAR (floor area ratio) building extension and repairs project.

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The proposed FAR extension / repair project that the MC is pursuing is worth crores of rupees. It will give the MC members another opportunity to swindle public money, as it is arbitrarily forcing each flat owner to pay lakhs of rupees for building extension / repairs without following any statutory financial procedures.

Moreover, the planned construction at DPS Housing Society will also damage the environment, as it will spread lethal dust and noise pollution which will harm the health of children, men, women, including senior citizens living in the building.

Residents suggest that only some minor repairs are required in the Society building. But they add that the present MC members are not honest to handle the repairs work because they are responsible for the frauds happening in the Society.

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However, the MC members are hell-bent to start the illegal construction work. They are misleading the people by quoting irrelevant court cases to rope in more residents who could pay them money for construction.

Residents argue that the MC must realize that no activity can be legal if it poses a risk to even one person’s life. The truth is that the extended construction-related pollution and possible accidents will put to risk the lives of hundreds of people living in the Society building.

Residents have also formally complained that the DPS Housing Society MC is holding bogus general body meetings to get its illegal decisions cleared. Plus, the MC also is misusing the Society’s newly created website to spread only that information which helps it pursue its nefarious activities.

New Legal Case

As the legal case is expected to go to the higher courts after its current arguments at the office of the Registrar Cooperative Societies (RCS), many residents are disturbed with the incessant disputes at the Society.

While many flat owners are planning to sell off their flats, others are reluctant to give their money for building extension or repairs to the DPS Housing Society MC which is facing a serious criminal investigation. Residents fear that their money will get blocked in the ongoing disputes which may run for many years.

There are chances that some MC members and their supporters will also get imprisoned depending on the outcome of the investigation.

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Meanwhile, last month (July 2017), the Delhi government asked a top anti-corruption department to reopen and investigate the DPS Housing Society corruption case.

Now, the new petition to RCS office also seeks the initiation of supersession proceedings against the DPS Housing Society MC members under section 37 of the Delhi Co-operative Societies Act in order to get the present MC removed from the office because of its involvement in multiple frauds.

The residents have also started a signature campaign to take the signatures of the Society residents / members to get the present MC dissolved through the RCS office and get a government administrator appointed to streamline the working of the Society.

The complete DPS Housing Society case is described at the following link:

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Disclosure: I have written this article not only as a journalist, but also as a victim of the fraud and intimidation happening at DPS Housing Society. I am facing repeated threats from the MC members and their supporters because I am raising my voice against corruption, environmental damage, and human rights violations.

By Rakesh Raman, who is a government’s National award-winning journalist. He had been associated with the United Nations (UN) through United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) as a digital media expert to help businesses use technology for brand marketing and business development. He also runs a free school for deserving children under his NGO – RMN Foundation.


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